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Happy Jason Lisle Day! Celebrating Creationists’ Inability to Solve the “Starlight Problem” (And Willingness to Lie About It)

Happy Jason Lisle Day! Today is the second anniversary of the day when Jason Lisle, director of what passes for research at ICR (Institute for Creation Research), promised he would explain why his alleged solution to the creationist “Starlight Problem” … Continue reading

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“A Growing Number”: More and More Scientists Are Abandoning Evolution

The day has come for us to admit that the theory of evolution is in a serious state of crisis. As you no doubt have heard, evolutionary theory states that blind chance can turn a lobster into a beautiful baby. … Continue reading

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Discovery Institute Face-Plants at FaceBook

For the last week or two, a huge knock-down drag-out Internet free-for-all has erupted between scientists, science writers and Intelligent Design creationists that has spread across several blogs, ID creationist websites, and FaceBook, where the IDologues banned several critics (including … Continue reading

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Creationists Gone Wild! Sex Slavery and Cocaine Cult Leads Fight Against Darwin!

Creationists have always done and said bizarre things, but the true story behind today’s “Creationists Gone Wild” post is almost bottomless in its weirdness– combining sex on videotape, extortion, Holocaust denial, evolution denial, anti-Semitism, beautiful models, plans for global conquest, … Continue reading

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Fundamentalists, Creationists And Islamic Extremists Share the Same “Philosophy”

Religious fundamentalists and authoritarian creationists frequently need a scapegoat to scare the public with, though it changes over the years–hippies or Jewish communists or blacks marrying whites–anyway, this decade it’s gays and scientists. Perhaps the most over-the-top of the fundamentalists’ … Continue reading

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What is the Fundamentalist War Against “Materialism” Really About?

Nowadays it is virtually universal among right wing authoritarians, creationists and Intelligent Design proponents to say that there is a religion called “materialism” that is supposedly adhered to by all scientists that believe in evolution (which is to say, 99.99% … Continue reading

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Your Science Makes Jesus Cry: Right Wingers and the Campaign Against “Materialism”

Rebecca Bynum recently wrote an article in NER which serves as a typically hilarious example of the anti-science attack line favored nowadays by the religious right: the threat of so-called “materialism.” This attack line, now universally promoted among anti-science right … Continue reading

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